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Providing Capital
for Disbursements.

Bluecore Capital is a boutique financing company that specializes in providing capital for lawyers and law firms working on contingency. Unlike traditional banks, who tend to shy away from more complex lending solutions, Bluecore Capital has developed a unique and customizable program with flexibility in mind. Our specialists understand the intricacies of law firm accounting, and the potential cash-flow restraints often found in running the business. We help provide the money necessary to help you grow your practice!

Flexibility for your benefit.

Helping you grow your practice.

Funding provided within 24 hours of approval.

Existing clients PRE-APPROVED for any additional funding.

  • Instant access to cash to grow your business and handle more files
  • Loans range from $100,000 to several millions
  • Interest-only payments until the case settles!
  • The interest charged is a tax deductible expense.
  • Interest only charged as long as the case financed is active.
  • Quick turnaround on funding and flexible terms.
  • Flexible payment options.
    • New or more advertising in radio, TV and/or events
    • Web-analytics to boost new client leads
    • Community outreach officials to solicit new clients in targeted ethnic or religious communities
    • Office expansion and renovations
    • Benefits for firm employees
    • Bonuses to partners & associates
    • Hiring new lawyers and paralegals to leverage and grow the firm’s practice.

    Personalized to fit your settlement cycle.

    Improving cash flow.

    How does Bluecore Capital calculate the rate? We offer variable rates depending on the law firm’s needs and ability to pay. Our loans are arranged with monthly, quarterly, or “at settlement” payment. The various options are dependent upon a firm’s resolution ratio, or how many files settle or are adjudged per month.

    Our application and approval process is simple and fast. For a preliminary assessment we require:

    • # of client files in law firm roster;
    • The total amount of disbursements paid by the firm on those files - (NOTE: Only approved and paid disbursements, pursuant to the terms)
    • Once the above is received, Bluecore will make a preliminary assessment and provide the Law Firm with a Term Sheet and a copy of the Lending Agreement
    • When due diligence is completed and agreements are signed, funds can be released same day.
    • Monthly reporting by the law firm to Bluecore, where we provide verifications on balances owing to the firm and assist the firm in tracking.



    Every law firm deserves support


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